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The Ukrainian society of financial analysts


Victor Galasyuk

National deputy of Ukraine, head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.

For years of work Victor performed a wonderful career. In 1998 he began working as an intern in the audit firm “COWPERWOOD” (Dnepropetrovsk). In the period from 2005 to 2009 taught in the National Mining University (Dnepropetrovsk). Since 2007 – the head of the Commission for the evaluation of investment projects of the USFA, and since 2011 – the member o the Executive Committee of the USFA. In 2008-2009 – the member of the Board of Dnepropetrovsk branch of the European Business Association, since 2011 – the member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. In 2012 he headed the Company “Bionic Hill” – a management company of BIONIC Hill. In August of 2014 he became an adviser on economic issues to the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko, subsequently was elected as a national deputy of Ukraine on the list of Radical party. In December of 2014 by the decision of Verkhovna Rada he was appointed as Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship. Victor taught at several universities, including at the NBU University of banking business, performed economic lectures abroad.



Alexander Valchyshen

Head of Research Department, member of the investment committee of ICU

Alexander heads an analytical department of ICU. His main focus is macroeconomic analytics, bonds and foreign exchange markets. He began his career in the financial market in 1995 in Prominvestbank. Further, since 2000, Alexander’s career was devoted to the analytics in the securities market and macroeconomic situation, namely in the investment company ART-Capital (2000-2003) and Ukrsotsbank (2003-2005). Prior to joining the ICU he headed analytical department at ING Bank Ukraine (2005-2008).

In 1994 he graduated from the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute. In 1999 – MAUP (Kiev).



Sergey Ermakovych

Head of the  Pablic Organization «Corporate relations and governance institute»

Since 1992 he held executive positions in the commercial bank and non-banking financial institutions, in the stock market, state enterprises in the financial sector, head of the department at the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, at the Presidential Administration.

From 1997 to 1998 he took part in creating the service of investigation of violations in the stock market of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market. In 1998-1999 he participated in the creation of the National Depository of Ukraine.

In 2000-2003 he passed foreign internship on programs of the Institute on preparing senior management personnel of the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine on state economic policy and social partnership (Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Estonia, Tallinn; Higher School of Public Administration in the city of Lodz (Poland)). As a consultant he participated in the development of projects to attract investments in the infrastructures of Kiev, Chernigov, Dnepropetrovsk. Speaker at international conferences and seminars in the cities – Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Tallinn (Estonia), Lodz (Poland) in 2000-2011.

Expert on issues of private pension provision. He actively participates in the development of the private pension provision system in Ukraine. In 2004-2011 he headed the asset management company-administrator pf NPFs and the Councils of the largest pension funds in Ukraine, including NPF “EUROPA” and NPF “UKRSOTSFOND”. From 2011 to the present day he is one of the heads of the Insurance company “Ukrainian reserves”.

Co-writer and author of publications on economic issues in the magazines “Companion”, “Ukraine Business Review”, “Management of the modern city”, “Banking Auditor”.

Author of numerous scientific publications on issues of economic policy. Co-author of the article in “The Encyclopedia of Banking Business” (NBU, 2001), 3 economic textbooks for students in attracting investments in the infrastructure of cities. USFA member since 1998.  




Borys Kirukhin

Chairman of the Board of the investment company “Ukrainian securities”. He graduated from the Kiev State University, specialty “Geophysics”. He worked at the Institute of Geophysics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Postgraduate study at the Research Center of scientific and technical potential and history of science, at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Candidate of Economic Sciences. In 1994 he founded “Ukrainian securities”, first – as a consulting firm. He has work experience as appraiser and consultant, broker at USE and PFTS. He headed the management of securities at “Gradobank”. During the “great” privatization he worked as an investment fund manager.



Vitaly Shapran – the chief financial analyst, RA “Expert-Rating”, LLC

Vitaly SHAPRAN started his career in the department of credit and resources of the regional network of the JSPB “Aval”. In the late 90s he graduated from Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU), has 2 financial and economic education in the specialty "finance" and "Banking". Since 1999, Mr. Shapran is a regular contributor to the official publication of the NSSMC “Securities of Ukraine”. Since 2003 he is the analyst and columnist for the international financial markets of IG “Russian Polis”. From 2003 till 2005 Mr. Shapran was an observer of foreign markets in the specialized magazine “National Banking Magazine”, during the same period he was engaged in teaching work. In 2005 he successfully defended his PhD thesis, was engaged in research of problems of banks in the securities market. Since February of 2006, Mr. Shapran is an employee of the Ukrainian Institute of Stock Market Development of KNEU and Deputy Head of the Commission on banking analysis of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts. Since January of 2007 he is Deputy Director, chief financial analyst of RA "Expert Rating". Since 2013, Mr. Shapran is Advisor to the Director of the Agency. Since October 2010, he headed the rating committee of the Ukrainian association for the protection of investors, lenders and insurers (UPAZIKS). In July of 2014 he was reelected a member of the public council at NSSMC, where he headed the Committee for transparency of the stock market.

Also in early 2015, Vitaly Shapran became part of a working group of the Advisory Board of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals. Mr. Shapran has about 300 publications in specialized print media in Ukraine and abroad.