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The Ukrainian society of financial analysts

How to become a member of USFA


USFA, as a public institution, is open to all the citizens of Ukraine, who share the values of the Society, have an excellent reputation and are willing to comply with the principles of analyst behavior enshrined by EFFAS, as well as to commit duties of the Society’s members in accordance with its charter.


In order to become a member of USFA it is necessary:

  • To prepare an application addressed to the president of USFA;
  • To fill in the provided form and send it for consideration by management of the Society;
  • To attach to the application two recommendations from the USFA full members;
  • To have an interview with the USFA management.


USFA does not accept for membership ones without special higher education and those who do not have enough business or professional reputation.

Persons who have great professional achievements in the development of financial analysis in Ukraine, by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Society can be given the status of an honorary member of USFA.

The list of honorary members of the USFA as of 1.01.2024:

  • Dmytry Shemetylo, CFA London, UK
  • Andrij Chasovskih, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Korneev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Igor Shumylo, Kiev, Ukraine


Membership in the USFA is confirmed by a nominal certificate.