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The Ukrainian society of financial analysts

28 November 2014 г

Association for the protection of investors, lenders and insurers (UPAZIKS) completed the analysis of the quality of the authorized rating agencies work with banking ratings.

The customer of this research was Ukrainian association of investment business (UAIB).

UPAZIKS and USFA analyzed the activity of all the authorized rating agencies in the market of banking ratings. The analysis was performed for the controlling period from 21.11.2013 to 21.11.2014. According to the authors, this period suited some sort of stress-test of the ratings quality, since it corresponded to a sharp transition from the relative stability of the banking sector to its systemic crisis. 

The estimation was made on two key parameters:

  • the percentage of banks defaults with investment grade ratings (K1);
  • the percentage of banks defaults with investment grade ratings, taking into account the turnover of customers in the rating agency portfolio (К2).

Full text of press-release 

Research "Formation of the approaches and criteria for assessing the quality of the rating agencies work in Ukraine during the crisis "