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03.03.2015 Take cash, or about the redistribution of capital in the banking market

Editorial column of the USFA member Anatoliy Drobyazko came out on The author critically reflects the processes taking place today in the banking sector. Observing the debates on March 2 in the Verkhovna Rada on amendments to the budget of 2015, I involuntarily felt on the repeatedly iterative play entitled "Take cash!". The Government's arguments are the same, "... only under these laws agreed with the IMF we will be given the money”…

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28.02.2015 Without urgent reforms hryvnia even more will weaken, - ICU

Editorial column of the USFA executive committee member Alexander Valchyshen came out on An extraordinary session of parliament on March 2 is a good sign for the stability of the national currency. The experience of crises in other countries shows that today's level of hryvnia fall is far from the limit. 

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05.02.2015 From crisis to crisis

In the January issue of the magazine "Banker" there was published an article by the USFA president – Yuriy Prozorov: "From crisis to crisis." Over the past 25 years, the financial and banking system of Ukraine has consistently occasionally experiencing some decline. The financial crisis of 2008, and then the subsequent crisis of banking systems around the world, seemed to impugn the reliability of the entire financial system, making real the failure of banks of all sizes. Not having time to recover from the shocks Ukraine's economy faced the next stagnation.

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12.12.2014 How to stop the devaluation tornado

In December of 2014 in the newspaper “The Mirror of the Week” there was published an article by Tatyana Unkovskaya, a member of the USFA, a chief consultant of the expert-analytical center of Staff of the NBU Council. The international reserves of the National Bank are rapidly melting: for the 11 months of this year they decreased by more than half – from USD 20,416 bn down to USD 9,966 bn on December 1, 2014. However, this did not stop the fall of the hryvnia exchange rate - in January-November of this year it depreciated by 83.7%. Such a sharp exchange rate decrease by path-through effect resulted in the development of the devaluation-inflation cycle and stable expectations of further devaluation.

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